Tuesday, November 3, 2015

11/1/2015 Kansas City Royals 7, New York Mets 2

Citi Field, Flushing, NY
World Series Game 5
KC wins the Series 4-1

So many #feels...the World Series ends with Game 5, when it feels like it was played all seven. I could trot out a blathering repertoire of analysis and chuck wagon here, but I'm kind of speechless. The team that came this close to winning it all last year, defeating a team that I really have no troubles with (yes, even though they swept the Cubs).

Instead of me going on and on about this, you're better off reading Sam Miller's commentary at Baseball Prospectus (don't worry, paywall cheapazoids...it's a free article, no $ required).

As for my revered Uncle Bob...sorry about the loss, but be proud of what you've taken an active part in over the past several years. 
Leave it to the guy who represents my original interest as a child in baseball to introduce a new and unusual theological dilemma into my eccentric blend of fandom. I was rooting for the Royals, but felt like I was rooting for Bobby the whole time...I'm too old to be confused anymore, but I certainly enjoyed whatever it was that stayed with me throughout the series.

My scoresheets, using my pitch-counting method! Read about it HERE, download the scoresheets for free HERE!

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