Thursday, December 1, 2011

New PROTOTYPE Scoresheet

Every year I try to review my scoresheet templates and work in a few changes...a few weeks ago I posted my current 2011 templates for your perusal (and FREE download for use!)...

I decided a few months ago to begin working on revisions in December; well, I got a head start on that.

Quite some time ago, I added my "stick figure" field boundary lines to the diamond in order to more accurately record a 'visual' representation of where the batted ball went and how it got there. After searching for a clipart diamond that better suited my purpose, I found one quite by accident and added it to my current "master" template.

Not wanting to stop there, I needed to address a few other things:

As my eyes start their pre-senile decline and as my notation becomes more elaborate, I'm finding the need to make the play boxes a little bit larger. That being said, when the boxes get larger, something has to get, the "10th inning" column has been omitted, and the "10th batter" has been truncated to a few lines for extra pinch hitters, and a more open box for pitcher change recording (which I used to do at the top).

I'm still toying around with it, but I've begun "testing" and so far, so good. I'm pretty much at as near to a "final" version as I can get to in such a short amount of time, but I have a lot of work to do so this is still a prototype for all intents and purposes...

You can download the PROTOTYPE version here, in my Google Docs repository...feel free to download and print, and hey...any feedback is welcome, even if I might not use it, I'd still like to get some reactions to this latest design.

Here's a recently scored game with the new template; I have lots of post updates in the hopper that I'll be adding soon.

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