Thursday, April 29, 2010

That's BASEBALL - am I really BITTER?

Bitter? Cubs dropped a series to the Gnats (with their best guy out) after sweeping the Brewers.

Bitter? We are felling GREAT about the Cubs winning 4 straight; the METS just won 7 straight and going.

Bitter? My other team in the NL (the Padres) are this year's Marlins...they will fall very soon and it's difficult knowing that's coming up.

Bitter? Selig and the Players Association just agreed that the All Star Game will have a DH, regardless of the host, and that is completely wrong in many ways.

Bitter? The ultimate sin...corporate sponsorship for the once-infamous crosstown rivalry!! How do you spell "no shame"? (OK, I guess there are more ultimate sins than this)

Bitter? After leading the charge (top 4) in a 12-team mixed league, I found out that my Fantasy team took a KRAP last week and have me second from last.

Bitter? Discussing the Aaron Miles minor-league deal makes me think about "The Mr. Cub that Never Was" and I really miss this guy...

After a great weekend, all these baseball turds keep floating into my pool.

I can't complain and shouldn''s still APRIL and for a couple of days, I can split my focus towards this really important horse race that's happening here on Saturday.

And right off the top of my head:

The crappy pitcher the Cubs got for our crappy outfielder isn't so crappy after all.

Maroln Byrd's catch yesterday was nothing less than OUTRAGEOUS (albeit unintentional).

The Hanshin Tigers are only 3 GB first place in the CL!! HUSTLE HUSTLE HUSTLE!!

Sure I miss Reed, but this guy is still around, I like him better, and better yet his bat is HOT right now:

And finally, when I thought that the signing of Jake Peavy and Mark Teahen was nothing more than another round of sinister White Sox trickery, April is revealing that this must have actually been a sinister Cubs plot, as these guys aren't helping the pale hose much this month.


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