Monday, April 5, 2010

Opening Day 2010: The Universe is Balanced Once More

"Every cliche in baseball is a religious truth." - Ron Shelton

As this, one of my favorite quotes, suggests (sometimes seen in the title header for this blog) there is a natural, theological and metaphysical relationship between baseball and the universe itself.

Only 'divine coincidence' that Easter and Opening Day should be on the same day in 2010. As the church calendar begins, with a joyous celebration after a period of fasting, so beings the 2010 season, and Shelton's quote finds its justification in a chance cohesion of a religious calendar with a secular one.

So it was the Yankees met the Red Sox last night in majestic Fenway Park...the Yanks owned the game early on as their offensive line sent Beckett to the showers prematurely. Sabathia (much like Santana) spits fire and undeniable control as the Red Sox wait for their chance to get a crack at the bullpen. Which they did, and turned the game around just as fast.

The double-steal (with Gardner grabbing home), I am so glad I was lucky enough to see it - I nearly didn't believe it.

Baseball is back, all is right with the Universe again.

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