Friday, April 23, 2010

10/2/68 Detroit Tigers 0, St Louis Cardinals 4

World Series Game 1
Busch Memorial Stadium, St Louis, MO

The same Cardinals starting order for the 1967 World Series Opener returns to face the wunderkind Denny McLain and the ferocious Tigers. This game would go down in history as Bob Gibson's amazing 17K game.

DET 0 5 3
STL 4 6 0

Gibson's regular season record was 22-9 with a 1.12 ERA. His 14th K tied the World Series record previously held by Carl Erskine (1953). His 15th K tied the World Series record previously held by Sandy Koufax (1963). His next 2 Ks set the new record, which still stands today.

The game was called on NBC by Curt Gowdy, Tony Kubek, and "Holy Cow" the Cardinals announcer Harry Caray. Gowdy notes the 2-2 pitch Gibson delivered to Al Kaline in the 4th inning that nearly decapitates him as one that "slipped off his fingers."

Like HELL it did!

I scored this game on 1/2/10.

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