Thursday, August 27, 2009

BIL Tour: 8/27/09 Washington Nationals 5, Chicago Cubs 4

Rain seriously threatened today; I remained optimistic for sure - our Terrace seats would keep us from getting drenched during the game.

We headed for the train in the morning to catch the day game at Wrigley. We've seen a lot of parks (and Milwaukee yet to come!) but there really is no place like Wrigley. The energy level is almost overwhelming.

By the Ernie Banks statue...Let's Play TWO!!

My "LV" seats weren't as bad as I had feared, but with the low attendance Mark and I easily 'upgraded' with ease. LV means limited view, that's a 'lesson learned' for this trip. More on that some other time, ha ha...

Gale Sayers throws out the first pitch!! Folks from Milwaukee sitting next to us: "Who's Gale Sayers?" then after I told them, one lady said "he looked so SMALL in that movie, not big like other football players..."

The series with the Nationals being even, I was very hopeful for a W - and also excited to see Randy Wells pitching live at a game for the very first time!!

CUBS 4 6 0

EGADS. OK, offensively, Cubbies are showing some FIRE instead of smoke and mirrors. My boys Theriot and Fukudome were hitless, and Jake Fox only appeared as a PH, struck out...but Lee and Ramirez both launched rockets - only Cubs that hit safely today, but their hits counted with 2 RBIs apiece. Very disappointed in the tears that Randy Wells brought with him today; he pulled a 'Big Z' and blew chunks in the first inning, walking Nyjer Morgan (I told Mark 'he better not walk this guy'), who scored on Christian Guzman's double, and then Ryan Zimmerman sent a big 2 RBI jack to left-centerfield. After walking Dunn next, Wells knocked out the final 3 batters 1-2-3...however, those 3 runs on the board kept the Nats in top for the rest of the game. One more homer in the 3rd by Dunn sealed the deal. The Cubs started to come back (thanks to Lee and Ramirez) but a slow-boiling rally in the 9th was extinguished by an embattled Milton Bradley. BUT Bradley didn't blow this one, Randy Wells question about it.

Bill Welke let a play at home (Lee stealing) go to pot when Nats catcher Jason Bard caught the flip from Burnett on a 'wild pitch' (that's how I scored it) and tagged Lee out with his glove, while the ball sat in his other hand!

Fukudome swings...

It was GREAT to be at Wrigley again, but this loss was such a bummer...we were so miffed we forgot to get our obligatory shot of the final on the scoreboard.

Official Scorecard MAGAZINE (the scorecard is inside, the mag is 'too big' for typical scanner beds...the front of the card itself is the same as the one I posted on my 7/7/09 game synopsis, only the team stats and info inside are updated)

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