Saturday, August 8, 2009

8/8/09 Chicago Cubs 6, Colorado Rockies 5

Coors Field, Denver, CO
Game 2 of 4

A very exciting game to watch; an armchair clutcher at the very end…I almost thought (given recent history) that the game might go into extras…or worse, that the game would be blown in the bottom of the 9th. My hat goes off 3 times to Kevin Gregg, one for each batter he faced during that frame – nice work, way to shake off last weekend’s bout with the Marlins.

CUBS 6 10 2
ROCKIES 5 10 0

Something strange happened to the Cubs defensively in the 4th inning. Where I’d usually brag on them, it was bizarrely familiar to last year’s postseason ‘alien kidnapping’…you remember: aliens landed, kidnapped the Cubs, replaced them with pod people. For the 4th inning only, the defense displayed a gap in reasoning that allowed the Rockies to score 4 runs on 3 hits. Errors by Aramis Ramirez and Ryan Theriot (more on that in just a moment) prevented 2 routine GIDP from occurring. Dempster took this frustration to the mound when a Wild Pitch allowed 2 runners to advance (and one to eventually score). Can’t blame Dempster for the 4th inning mess, the call really goes toward the defense…and for that inning only. There were several other Rox getting on base in FC during subsequent innings, but errors didn’t hamper those plays. One in particular comes to mind, Todd Helton’s FC with 1 out in the 7th. He is unusually fast, and it would have been more than difficult to turn two with him on the 1st base line.

Offensively, things are looking (consistently) better all the time: Theriot 3-5 plus a stolen base, Bradley 2-4 with a double, Lee 1-3 with a HR, and last but not least Fukudome 2-4 with an RBI double and a blistering line drive HR to deep right field.

Scoring Notes: Before you go checking up on my box score, I have a difference between my score and that of the official scorers’…since it’s my scorecard and I can do whatever I want, the box above represents my side of the story. The official scorer charged Aramis Ramirez with an error for his bobbled catch during Troy Tulowitzki’s at bat, but the scorer awarded Todd Helton with a base hit during the previous at bat when Ryan Theriot bobbled what should have been a routine DP. Theriot was unable to retrieve the ball, it rolled just past his glove but in the replay, I felt like it rolled THROUGH his glove – he should have been able to pick that up (in other words he exerted more than usual effort to do so), didn’t, and I charged him with an error…and Helton doesn’t get a base hit. Theriot, you know I think you are the BEST but that wasn’t your usual caliber of work, period.

All BLS for this game were owned by the Rockies. 3 total, 2 of them belonging to Carlos Gonzalez.

UDP: Unassisted Double Play (Quintanilla lept into the air to catch Soto’s liner; then landed on the bag before Soriano could return).

AWP: advanced on a Wild Pitch!

W: best of all…CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN!!

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