Friday, August 7, 2009

8/7/09 Chicago Cubs 2, Colorado Rockies 6

Coors Field, Denver, CO
Game 1 of 4

The 4-game series opener was cursed before the first pitch was thrown, with Zambrano’s scratch as starter 5 minutes before gametime. The Cubs offense was mildly effective, yet tempered by the performance of Ubaldo Jimenez (COL P) and backed up by the Rockies en masse. In the NL most folks feel like the Phillies are the team to beat, and for the most part that’s a fair statement. However, if they continue at their current pace, everyone is going to have to start worrying about the Rockies. Even though the Cubs starting pitching was literally smudged by the exit of Zambrano, the true formidable side of the Rockies was very apparent during this game, as they took every advantage of the Cubs’ weakness and walked all over us.

CUBS 2 5 1
ROCKIES 6 13 1

Fukudome’s lead-off walk and subsequent ‘steal’ at home seemed to send an early message to the Rox, but that message was muffled when Sean Marshall (CHC P) took the mound and only lasted 2 innings. Jeff Samardzija (CHC P) seemed to be on his way to turning things around, but gave up a 2-run HR during his second inning of work.

Pound for pound, the Rox made mincemeat out of us, offensively and defensively. Interesting fact to note, that 2 of the 5 batters Jiminez walked ended up scoring – both of them were lead-off walks also.

The game was called on WGN Radio by Pat Hughes, Dave Otto, and Judd Sirott.

Scoring Notes: Using this ‘no pitch count’ format for games I score on the radio, now I’m not concerned with the players’ jersey numbers – instead using their batting order numbers as their numbers in offensive notation. The purpose is to not have to dive online to get jersey numbers when they don’t mention them on the air.

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