Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BIL Tour: 8/24/09 Cleveland Indians 10, Kansas City Royals 6

Another fantastic day for baseball!! Still recovering from our FANTASTIC dinner at Don's (thanks again, bro!), we started off our day upgrading Mark's BB (a little biznis, no problemo)...our planned visit to the Negro League Baseball Museum ended up bust as the museum is closed on Mondays. :(

We arrived at Kauffman stadium a bit early, so we ended up having a catch in the A lot. A fellow named Matt with a Boston cap joined us; a very special 'baseball tour' kind of tailgate activity!!

The new K is GORGEOUS; once again we had some very fantastic seats on the first base side (behind the home dugout), enjoying a little bit of BP and field workouts as we wandered the amazing concourse at the K. Don joined us and we walked through the Royals Hall of Fame (we missed the movie). We saw the Pine Tar bat, a room of George Brett memorabilia (including the home plate he kissed during his final home game), and Mark designed a ball park at the interactive kiosk.

The icing on the cake...the LARGEST stadium screen I have ever seen, you can't even call it a Jumbotron. It makes the big board at Churchill Downs look like a tube TV, and it also shoots fireworks once in a while.

Stevo-sama and GEORGE BRETT statue!

3 guys at the game. GO ROYALS!!!

Lots of great food and drink...be sure you get a Brett Beer at the PINE TAR PUB! (Nobody's going to run out and try to rip your head off if an excess of 18 inches from the handle is called...)

No foul balls at the game (we DID try), but lucky Mark caught a hot dog from the cannon. Nice going bro! I ended up eating it, the cannon didn't really make it warm...

Now, on to the game...

INDIANS 10 14 0
ROYALS 6 9 0

A very exciting matchup, I completely underestimated the firepower of the Indians, for sure. Not really a pitcher's duel; the once-great Gil Meche has been in a mini-slump lately, and as for Jeremy Sowers - he's a basketcase and showed his meltdown during the Royals' 4-run 5th inning.

Not holding Teahen...

Mark Teahen had a great game, hitting 2-4 with an RBI. A near rally in the 9th was put down as quickly as it started...the Indians were the beneficiaries of some fantastic offensive moves, notably 2 seperate 3-run HR blasts in the 4th inning (Travis Hafner) and the 8th inning (Luis Valbuena) respectively...Hafner went 3-5 with a whopping 4 RBI.

Disappointing to experience the loss (we are 0-2 on home team wins for the trip so far), but it was a VERY exciting game to watch, one of the best live baseball games I've seen to date!


Official Scorecard (hey, look at the center...it's LOU!!!)

Official Souvenir 'program'

Gameday lineup and info

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  1. I want to thank the both of you for allowing me to participate in your dream. You guys are a lot of fun and I had a blast both at supper Sunday night and at the game on Monday. Thank you both for letting me be a part of this.



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