Sunday, August 23, 2009

BIL Tour: 8/23/09 New Orleans Zephyrs 6, Iowa Cubs 0

We strolled into Principal Park in Des Moines for game 1 of a doubleheader; a fantastic park and a beautiful day for baseball. Our seats were virtually 20 feet away from first base, only 10 ft. away from the visitors dugout.

It's BOBBY SCALES!! ...he didn't play in the game, caught him near left field talkin' 'business'...

Micah Hoffpauir and Zephyrs first base coach Dave Matranga

We ended up sitting next to a very nice family from Southern Minnesota; attendance was a bit lighter than we expected, but everything seemed right as the game began. Jeff Samardzija was bounced back to the I-Cubs a short time ago; the Zephyrs are a Florida Marlins fam team. Today, Jeff and the I-Cubs were facing Hayden Penn, also bounced back after some strong innings recently for the Marlins.

I-CUBS 0 4 2

Penn and the Zephyrs more or less ruthlessly pounded the I-Cubs; Penn pitched 7 strong innings while Samardzija can't be completely blamed for the loss...3 of the 6 runs during Jeff's 4 innings of work were unearned due to 2 significant defensive errors, all in the 3rd inning. My totals differ somewhat from the official scorer as I not only ruled De Aza's successful bunt as a base hit instead of a sacrifice (he reached safely!); but I also ruled Maybin's reach to first base as an error and not as a base hit.

Offensively, the Zephyrs were hot...especially Gookie Dawkins going 3 for 3 with one of 2 home runs allowed by Samardzija in the 4th inning.

Right after the 5th inning, a fellow tapped me on the shoulder..."I noticed your Fukudome jersey back there, I thought you might like this..." and he gave me a BEAUTIFUL full color 8 x 10 of Fukudome running down the field.

Only 7 innings were played due to the double-header; we would have like to stay for the second game, but...Kansas City is calling!! The I-Cubs ended up winning the second game 2-1...we kinda joked about maybe the possibility of seeing Samardzija pitch in Peoria on Wednesday. We hit the road and showed up in KC in time for a fantastic dinner with my friend Don and his family...he whipped up some truly awesome barbeque. Quite a bit going on tomorrow!


Official Scorecard Insert (full color lineup pics and bios inside)

Gameday Lineup and info

Official Souvenir 'program'

Official Scorecard

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