Tuesday, April 7, 2009

4/7/09 Kansas City Royals 2, Chicago White Sox 4

U.S. Cellular Field, Chicago, IL

The Royals looked great all the way through, but Thome threatened equally the entire game hitting 2-3 prior to the 8th inning, when he ripped out his first season HR with 2 runners on base. Meche was sensational, a great start but in retrospect, nobody knew how much Greinke would over shadow his 1.29-or-so ERA during this first game (Farnsworth got the L).

I scored this game late May/early June; here is the first time I started looking at LH vs. RH. I don’t know why, because in this particular game it didn’t really matter – I don’t see any patterns yet. I came up with a way to make up for that when I scored the Pirates @ Cubs game 5/25/09.

KC 2 7 0
CWS 4 11 0

Too awesome: Miguel Olivo (2-4). Teahen was robbed, walked and HBP.

Pitch count pretty much stable by now (6/4/09). I still miss a few but I don’t know if I want to count Pick-off attempts…I am chuckling at the 4/21/09 game I scored in April, at my original confusion on the pitch count. Hoo ha.

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