Wednesday, April 15, 2009

4/15/09 San Diego Padres 2, New York Mets 7

Citi Field, Flushing, NY

First Mets home win at 'the new Shea Stadium.' 2 nights earlier, Jody Gerut's lead-off HR for the Padres was the first hit, HR, and RBI in Citi Field history.

SD 2 6 1
NYM 7 7 1

First and last time I will try to score a game on Jackie Robinson day. I'm a 'jersey number' guy; no matter what I still have theological issues scoring games on the radio for the same reason, but using position numbers instead of jersey numbers works in that situation. On TV, it's difficult to 'close your eyes' and ignore that not only every player has a "42" on their back, but when their AB starts, ESPN shows their 'real number' and then you have no choice.

Oliver Perez actually pitched a decent 6 innings, Sean Green gives up a HR facing his first batter (Adrian Gonzalez, of course) in the 9th.

I scored this game on 1/25/10. The game was called on ESPN by Dave O'Brien, Rick Sutcliffe, and the ever-annoying Joe "ME" Morgan. He was over-the-top annoying for this game, only guy I know who can effectively take a discussion about JACKIE ROBINSON (whether or not he actually started it) and turn it around into a self-centered dissertation on his career, almost as if he thinks he should be a manager.

ESPN, fire Joe Morgan!!!

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