Tuesday, April 21, 2009

4/21/09 Cincinnati Reds 2, Chicago Cubs 7

Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL

Late start due to rain (8.12PM EST).

Micah Hoffpauir (CHC RF) hits a homer in first at-bat against Micah Owings (CIN P) in the bottom of the 2nd inning. First time in MLB history one Micah homered off of another Micah. Hoffpauir’s 1st HR of the year (394 ft).

Top of 4th inning, Joey Votto (CIN 1B) plate appearance, 5th pitch (2-2): Delay due to a cat on the field.

Nice to see the W flag go up first game of a series, and great to see Harden get his first win and some big bats behind him to help out. Problematically, 3 innings for the Cubs ended with bases loaded – had this been a loss that would have been more than a significant finishing stat.

Nice plays:
Mike Fontenot (CHC 2B): Top of 2nd; screaming Line from Brandon Phillips, flying leap straight up for the catch.

Rich Harden (CHC P): Bottom of 2nd; fantastic SAC bunt attempt becomes infield hit and loads the bases

CIN 2 6 1
CHC 7 9 0

I really like the way my totals balanced, with only minimal effort between innings to reconcile ‘on the fly.’ I still need to work on pitching stats with charged runs, earned runs, etc…Harden was close, Owings was less so.

Looking at totals for pitches and strikes for the first time, looks like official scorer counts FT, etc. I will check on next game, but here’s what I got vs. official scorer:

M Owings 94 32 94 61
M Lincoln 20 5 24 10
D Herrera 10 4 12 9
J Burton 28 7 48 33 (WTF?!?)

R Harden 91 27 92 60
A Heilman 18 4 18 11
N Cotts 13 3 13 6
C Marmol 7 2 7 4
L Vizcaino 16 5 16 11

...a couple of games later, I did confirm to count the FT as strikes. What's still bizarre is that sometimes the Official Scorer counts 'pick off attempts' as pitches, sometimes they don't.

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