Saturday, April 18, 2009

4/18/09 St Louis Cardinals 5, Chicago Cubs 7

Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL
Game 3 of 4

One of the best Cubs games all seasons...I do love extra innings, and a walk-off 2RBI HR made this a very sweet win. At HOME even!!!

STL 5 6 1
CHC 7 10 0

This game belonged to the hitters, with Dempster and Kyle Lohse both getting banged around quite a bit. Ryan Franklin didn't have the 'official closer' card when this game was played. Great bat shankin' by Ludwick, Schumaker, and Khalil Greene's lead-off solo HR; retaliation by the Cubs courtesy of Fukudome, Derrek Lee's 2 RBI double, and Ryan Theriot's screaming triple in the 5th.

No threat by the Cards during extras, Guzman and Heilman worked that out beautifully. You could almost hear my chest cave in when Fukudome reached first on a fielder's choice, Lee flies out to CF, and then Aramis Ramirez looks at ball one, then over!

I scored this game on 2/3/10. The game was called on Fox Sports by Thom Brennaman and Mark Grace.

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