Thursday, April 16, 2009

4/16/09 Toronto Blue Jays 9, Minnesota Twins 2

Metrodome, Minneapolis, MN

At last, my chance to catch the Twins on MLB Network and they completely choke. Sorry guys, this seems to happen a lot when I catch Cubs games (the ones I miss, they win) wife doesn't like to watch the Bears for similar reasons, they can be up in the game until she flips the set on, then they fall apart.

TOR 9 14 0
MIN 2 9 1

The Twins were only behind by one, nice outing by Liriano just the same...they give the ball to Matt Guerrier and he literally gives the game to the Blue Jays. Ok, give Guerrier the hook and bring in Breslow...not much improvement.

Cuddyer's 2-out HR seemed to indicate an outrageous Twins rally (along with the infamous "Thunderdome Drone" from the fans) but this peetered out quickly.

Kevin Millar's great act as a Blue Jay, the unexpected Grand Salami off of R.A. Dickey (brought in to get Breslow off of the mound, ha ha!)...hope he does the same for the Cubs, maybe even when we're playing the ASStros!

I scored this game on 1/30/10. The game was called on MLBN by Victor Rojas (where's Cookie?) and Dan Plesac.

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