Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Scorecard skans - UPDATES

As promised, some updates - all posts updated with skans:

As we're playing those darn Dodgers next week, I realized I hadn't updated this treasured 2009 outing, the shining moment of a rather brutal series from nearly a year ago when the blues visited Wrigley.

5/30/09 Los Angeles Dodgers @ Chicago Cubs

3 Cubs Spring Training games for your perusal:
3/6/10 Chicago White Sox @ Chicago Cubs
3/14/10 Chicago Cubs @ Los Angeles Angels
3/19/10 Chicago Cubs @ Chicago White Sox

Last but not least, several updated posts from Opening Week and beyond...
4/5/10 Minnesota Twins @ Los Angeles Angels
4/6/10 San Diego Padres @ Arizona Diamondbacks
4/8/10 Chicago Cubs @ Atlanta Braves
4/12/10 Milwaukee Brewers @ Chicago Cubs (Cubs Home Opener)
4/16/10 Houston Astros @ Chicago Cubs
4/30/10 Minnesota Twins @ Cleveland Indians

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