Sunday, May 16, 2010

5/13/10 San Diego Padres 1, San Francisco Giants 0

AT&T Park, San Francisco, CA
(Game 3 of 3)

Mat Latos *almost* throws a perfect game (no thanks to Eli Whiteside!) as the Padres sweeeeep the Giants.

SD 1 5 1
SF 0 1 3

Latos goes for his first career Complete Game and his first career Shut-Out Win, this feat is twice as admirable due to the prowess of his opponent, the ever-incredible Jonathan Sanchez (who gets a tip of the hat for going 8 innings). Sanchez winning this was nearly a 'sure thing,' but Latos and the Padres have had such a great start this season, so there you go. Latos also drives in the only run scored in the game...again, this is what's truly part of the strategic edge in well-played and skillfully executed National League games. Managers can pull the strings with the pinch hitter gamble, or they can expect some of their hurlers to pull offensive surprises now and then.

Padres 'temp' Lance Zawadzki is the run that Latos scores. Zawadzki was called up from AAA to cover for Evereth Cabrera on the DL, with prospects like him the Padres have much to look forward to. Also, baseball players named Lance are KOOL.

Enjoyed this game on XPRS, with Jerry Coleman, Ted Leitner, and Andy Masur.

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