Friday, May 14, 2010

5/9/10 Tampa Bay Rays 0, Oakland Athletics 4

Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA

Whither A-Rod?

So much press about this milestone (and very early in the season yet); if not for what it is, then because of the 'you don't cross my mound' controversy with A-Hole. Interesting, as the pundits profess, how Braden's Mother's Day gem made that incident nothing more than a footnote.

Hothead Oakland pitcher with bad teeth and old skool reputation throws MLB's 19th perfect game. Chilling resemblances to Mark Buehrle's PG for the Sox last year, starting with "They beat the Rays at home" and ending with "Gape Kapler."

You can read about all that logic online on various blogs (and get the box score as well) but here's my scoresheet for your review.

TB 0 0 1
OAK 4 12 0

Umpire Jim Wolf moves on his 'premature' called Strike 3 pose not once but twice in this game. Kinda funny because he really got me on the first one.

All batters used Pink Bats for at least one plate appearance, with the exception of OAK DH Eric Chavez. The only batter I noticed 'ditching' the pink bats for later PA was Eric Patterson.

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