Saturday, May 15, 2010

5/15/10 Chicago White Sox 5, Kansas City Royals 4

Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City, MO

After a nearly hour-long rain delay and some interesting but very blurry vintage White Sox footage, the game gets a rocky start for Jake Peavy (he's still one of my favorite pitchers, ever) as he allows 3 quick runs in the 1st. Luke Hochevar holds his own for nearly 7 innings, but Peavy hangs on after his early mistakes and the Royals pay the price.

CWS 5 8 0
KC 4 7 0

Of course, I like Luke Hochevar quite a bit. Between Trey Hillman and Ned Yost, 2010 was Hochevar's season to "hang in there" and help himself out...or not. He has to learn sometime, that time is now. Peavy was a beast tonight, no question about it.

A great game for Mike Aviles, who set the table for the 3-run first inning, Billy Butler, and even...heyyyyy...Alberto Callaspo and Yuni "Yunigma" Betancourt!! Unfortunately, when Hochevar does unravel in the 7th inning, it's not pretty. 4 runs on 5 hits not pretty. By the end of the 7th, the Royals are behind the White Sox 5-4 and that's where it sits.

Ah, yes...but wait, there IS more! The call to the bullpen in the 9th goes to none other than Kyle Farnsworth!!

This section of the post is for KYLE FARNSWORTH fans only, as we fire up the Official TBE Farnsworth PitchTracker 2010(sm). Here I present the details of Kyle's 9th inning workout against the White Sox, pitch by pitch:

Farnsworth vs. Ramon Castro (bats R)
1: 98mph (called strike)
2: 89mph (called strike)
3: 100mph (low, outside corner)
4: 99mph (fouled back)
5: 92mph (fouled back)
6: 97mph (popout to left fielder in foul territory)
Farnsworth vs. Juan Pierre (bats L)
7: 96mph (bunted foul)
8: 99mph (outside)
9: 95mph (flies out to shortstop)
Farnsworth vs. Gordon Beckham (bats R)
10: 99mph (called strike)
11: 99mph (high)
12: 90mph (grounds out to first base, farnsworth covers the bag and makes the tag)
AVG. PITCH SPEED = 96.1mph

I scored this game on 3/5/11

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