Saturday, June 22, 2013

6/22/13 Jupiter Hammerheads 1, Fort Myers Miracle 7

William H Hammond Stadium, Fort Myers, FL
Game 3 of 3

I missed Miguel Sano by only a week or two; also, a few days after this game the Miracle called up Byron Buxton.  On one hand, I missed a lot but on the other, I did NOT miss the Michael Kvasnicka show.  He WAS an Astro.

To your health!! A frosty Shock-Top and a legendary Miracle Dog!! The bun was cold, but I still enjoyed this very much.

My scoresheets, using my new pitch-counting method! Read about it HERE, download the scoresheets for free HERE!

Official Magazine, featuring Miguel Sano

The Official Scorecard is inside the Official Magazine...

2013 Pocket Schedule, also featuring Miguel Sano

Pocket Schedule detail (the promotions here are DEADLY!!)

My ticket, great seats just walking in off the street

Gameday Stats

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