Sunday, June 2, 2013

6/2/2013 Houston Astros 5, Los Angeles Angels 4

Angel Stadium, Anaheim, CA
Game 3 of 4

We are here in this holy cave celebrate the reincarnation of Domingo de Santa Clara...
The Angels and Astros both flashed some decisive leather tonight, and both scrapped away in the latest inning...where Hank Conger's 2-run blast in the bottom of the 9th got the Angels close, the Astros called in Hector Ambriz (from Ambrizistan...sorry, that's a very obtuse twitter joke reference) to shut them down 1 run shy of making Matt Dominguez' 3-run carne extraña in the top of the 9th irrelevant.

Some may think Matt Dominguez, overall, is somewhat irrelevant anyway...but for now, he is the 3rd baseman of my heart, and the owner of the same.

SCOREKEEPER'S NOTE: Here's another oddball play that is common, but tends to lead confusion into the mind of the scorekeeper...the play occurs in the bottom of the 5th, as the the Angels Angels of Anaheim are bunting away with nobody on base.
The asterisk is there to lead to the notes on the play on the bottom left area of the scoresheet. What happens here, is that Erick Aybar lays down a 'drag bunt,' the ball hits him just outside of the box. That's an automatic out, of course...the official call is "Batter's Interference" (the (BI) in the notation), and the 'X' helps indicate that. The catcher is credited for the put-out on these plays, hence the notation "B2."

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