Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10/19/11 Texas Rangers 2, St Louis Cardinals 3

Busch Stadium, St Louis, MO
2011 World Series Game 1

Chris Carpenter demonstrates PFP in full force…

The 2011 World Series begins with a raucous battle between the Cardinals and the Rangers in St Louis. After a breathtaking LCS and LDS, I’m hoping that the Fall Classic will follow suit; after this game I think I have more than a hope!

Chris Carpenter and C.J. Wilson face off; Wilson hoping to get his first 2011 postseason win, Carpenter hoping to enjoy an outing at least half as fantastic as his stunning close-out of the LDS in Game 5 against the Phillies.

The pitchers’ duel ensues quickly, with great pitching from both parties and some outstanding “riot defense” by Carpenter in this outrageous play at first, where Pujols throws wide with Carpenter diving to receive the ball and sliding aggressively across the bag and directly underneath the feet of Elvis Andrus, who is charging down the baseline like a freight train and barely misses crushing Carpenter’s exposed hands under his Texas cleats. You could feel LaRussa and Duncan wince sharply as they watched this unfold…fortunately, no harm done. If it were a pitcher with less grit, you can expect a nightmare after a jump such as this.

The game is viciously and excitingly tied at 2-2 by the bottom of the 6th, when Wilson offers David Freese a 1-out double, a wild pitch to Yadier Molina that allows Freese to advance to 3B, and a walk to Nick Punto. Washington removes Wilson in favor of Alexi Ogando, who is great but does have his moments. LaRussa brings Allen Craig in Carpenter’s slot in the batting order, and Craig has a moment of his own, a clutch go-ahead single to RF on a 1-2 pitch, scoring Freese and putting the Cardinals in charge for the remainder of the contest, finishing with a thrilling 10-pitch Save by Jason Motte.

A few days before the Series began, Fox announced it would use “heat-vision” technology currently in use for European Cricket broadcasts (I don’t know enough about Cricket to comment on this)…as if TBS’ Liberovision during the postseason wasn’t enough kool (or not), Fox Hot Spot was brought on to help us…well, we weren’t really sure what it was going to help us with!! Fortunately, Hot Spot was used right away in this first game of the Series, to show us chumps at home that Adrian Beltre’s groundout to 3B in the top of the 9th was really a “shoe polish ball” -shades of Earl Weaver- that bounced off of Beltre’s foot. The replay video looked close, Hot Spot showed that it definitely popped his foot and should have been a foul.

Cardinals lead the Series 1-0

He said WHAT?!? Click on this link to see Tim McCarver’s Quote of the Game

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