Saturday, October 15, 2011

10/15/11 Detroit Tigers 5, Texas Rangers 15

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, TX
ALCS Game 6

Nelson Cruz makes Postseason History: 6 HR, 13 RBI, an MLB single Postseason Series record!

This was a “must-win” game for the Tigers, who had battled admirably against the favored Rangers during this series…but the Tigers didn’t show up today.

You can skip ahead to my scoresheets and see that pretty much an entire pencil was used on the Rangers’ page…Detroit’s pitching was asleep at the wheel, while their offense was substantial in a vacuum, it was not significant and the Rangers literally ran away with this game to win the AL pennant for the second consecutive year.

The running away occurred in the 9 run, 6 hit 3rd inning…Leyland used 4 pitchers who faced 14 batters. Michael Young became the 1st LCS player ever with 2 XBH in the same inning.

The final score of 15-5 is shocking enough, when you consider that the Rangers left 11 on base (compared to the Tigers leaving only 3) that provides pretty much all the analysis one needs to see where things fell apart.

Nearly 3 hours into the game (2:59 to be more precise), Joe Buck proclaims “it looks like the X Factor will be on tomorrow night!”

Tom Hallion was the home plate umpire this evening…incidentally, Tom resides in Louisville and was the subject of a featured article in the Courier-Journal on the eve of the 2008 World Series, just a week or so before gaining some notoriety on a questionable call against the Phillies in game 3 (which the Phils won anyway). Hallion long ago replaced Jim Joyce as my personal favorite “called strike three,” an athletic maneuver wherein he makes a near-complete 180 with his upper body, lurches his arms (fists clenching) violently into the air and utters a shriek from down under. Always great to see him behind the plate.

Here’s a video montage tribute to "Hallionetics" from the 2009 Postseason; he’s even more impressive 2 years later!!

Rangers win series 4-2

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