Wednesday, June 8, 2011

6/8/11 RSS Feed Favorites, with Burnt Popcorn


Today's pick o' the RSS Feed; when you are forced to use an alternate microwave, you stand the risk of burning some popcorn…and this may or may not be a problem…
Ten Signs That You May Be Bad at Fantasy Baseball by Dan Port
Humorous! Seriously, just like making your first batch of homebrew, never sign off on your Fantasy Baseball experience based on the disparities of your expectationsyou’re your results the first year to give it a shot. I drafted Brandon Wood last year, you can do it too (but if you did this year…aieeeeeee)

Goat Riders of the Apocalypse:
Is Blake DeWitt better than Darwin Barney? by AJ Walsh
…it’s almost a sure thing he will be if Barney gets picked for the All-Star Team! But, as Mr Walsh illustrates…controversial, yet there is some basis to this thinking. Would you prefer Wilson Betemit? NO!! Brett Jackson hitting lead off? …hmm, perhaps you can fill us in on that one! In the meantime, hey, whether or not you can or can’t agree this…Darwin Barney was in a movie a couple of years ago, and Blake DeWitt is not related to Joyce DeWitt, so there!

Kings of Kauffman:
Feeling a Draft – Who’s Next? by Jeff Herr
The big story was Bubba Starling drafted in the first round…so, who’s next for the Royals?
Jose Pagan, Puerto Rican pioneer in baseball dies at 76 by Nick Diunte
Very sad to hear of this, Pagan did quite a bit for Puerto Rico, as most of us believe it starts with baseball and becomes so much more…

Old Time Family Baseball:
Bryce Harper Blows Pitcher a Kiss After Hitting Home Run
This was certainly busting up the feeds all over yesterday, but I mention this in today’s post primarily due to the fact that I, too, was wondering why the kiss was more controversial than THE MOUSTACHE!! ewwww!

The Greatest 21 Days: 1990 CMC: by Steve78
Marvin Freeman, Fine Arm - 228
…and a fine head under that hat, to boot!!

Eien no tomodachi,

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