Wednesday, June 15, 2011

6/15/11 RSS Feed Favorites, with 1982 Joakim Soria Topps Card

Today's pick o' the RSS Feed, featuring a great find from the internets…

Greg Schaum of Pine Tar Press tweeted about A Hair Off Square and I had to check it out…the site features the work of Clint Wiederholt who among other things, is whipping up some ultra-fantastic ‘custom cards’ of mostly current Kansas City Royals players with klassic collectors cards borders, designs, and the like. Great stuff, and do check out his “Just Fair” series as well. What you see leading off above is part of Clint’s “History of Joakim Soria” series, this entry being based on the 1982 Topps design. Clint does a great job of tying in the current players with the design being used and some ‘what was up then’ and personal analysis of the card design and related elements, all in just a few paragraphs. Awesome stuff, I’m really happy to add A Hair Off Square to my feed.

Clint’s also done some nifty custom cards for the St. Joseph (Missouri) Mustangs, of the MINK Collegiate Baseball League (Missouri Iowa Nebraska Kansas). What is MINK? Maybe I should write about it sometime, for now you can check out their website for more info…

So, without further ado, the rest of my ramble for today…

B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful:
Top 50 update by Jonathan Mayo
Mayo’s back after a brief hiatus (he’s probably been sleeping for 3 days plus after being awake for 3 days plus) with the return of the Monday Top 50 Update. By the way, did you know you can check on the status, signings, etc of this year’s draft and other drafts, all the way back to 19-hundred-and-65 on’s MLB Draft History?? You didn’t? Consider it now known…

Kings of Kauffman:
Don’t Put Billy In A Corner by Kevin Scobee
HEAR HEAR…it’s good to hear (and read) such positive notes about Billy Butler. I almost want to write “Remember him? He was your favorite Royal last year!” but that’s just not funny. I love the Hosmer and Moose callups, I am enjoying the pitching this year more than I was told that I would, and I really love that Alex Gordon is doing better…but I still think Billy is a total baseball stud. And yes, Kevin, you are correct. Wanna complain? Call on Chris Getz!!

The Greatest 21 Days: 1990 CMC: by Steve78
The “CMC Error: Fox for a Diamond” Trilogy
First of all…if you aren’t reading this blog every day, why not? The best baseball blog EVER, hands down…I just can’t get enough of this, better (and bigger) than a book…this series of posts is just another reason why!!
My words and puny dissertation could never fully explain this series of posts, so I’ll do my best to provide a TV-Guide synopsis and outline and trust that you will find out for yourself…First, you must read CMC Error: Fox for a Diamond where the randomizer selects a Kerwin Moore (Appleton Foxes) card from the CMC set at and, as “the picture didn’t look right,” the author began to investigate and finds an error in the set…next in the Trilogy, Steve78 writes about Kerwin Moore, Away From Home - 873…and finally, Steve Martin, Strong Character - 878…as always, baseball stories just don’t get better than this stuff. No spoilers, but it is written: “The tipoff was the hat.”

I want to leave you with my favorite Manager Ejection of the year so far, as Gary Allenson of the Norfolk Tides is ejected for arguing a Home Run call reversed to a Ground Rule Double. The clip is over 7 minutes long, but be sure you watch all the way to the end as Allenson gets thrown out and then gets a little bit cantankerous. You go, brother…you don’t need to take that crap!

Be sure you have Tug Haines : Casual Fan in your feed…Tug has started to add game notes, and they are awesome. He really keeps building up his daily adventures to a point where I have a feeling we will end the summer with a countdown of “when is the book coming out?”

I should add that today is the 47th anniversary of the 1964 Lou Brock/Ernie Broglio Transaction. How you celebrate is up to you.

The current 2-game winning streak against the Brewers has been some very, very exciting Cubs baseball. I just love it. Go CUBS.

Eien no tomodachi,

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