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6/18/11 Toledo Mud Hens 1, Louisville Bats 3

Louisville Slugger Field, Louisville, KY
Game 3 of 4

Kansas City native Scott Carroll is starting to become one of my favorite pitchers.

He pitched well but still got roughed up a little bit on Opening Day, since then he’s compiled a 5-2 win loss record and is cruising along with a 4 plus change ERA and only two (maybe three) rough outings in his last 10 games. Scott can carry several innings of shut-out work deep into a game before hitters start to get to him. I liked Travis Wood a lot last year, for the record I think Scott is a much better pitcher with just as much stuff as Travis, with better command and use of his pitch profile. That being said, he was roughed up by the Toledo Mud Hens on opening day, and that’s who the Bats are facing today. With Daniel Ray Herrera gone, hopes are the Bats can handle the Mud Hens lineup with more efficiency this time around.

Before we get into the game, this is my first June game which means new programs are out…I’m not ashamed to say I yelped aloud to find not only a Todd Frazier article but none other than the all-time strike out leader for the Louisville Bats, Matt Maloney on the cover!!

This game went a lot different, Scott had another great outing, NEVER lost control of the game, and had some ‘executive’ relief assistance from Sam LeCure, in Louisville on rehab. The Bats’ offense managed to squeeze in a few runs, but fought hard in doing so…the Mud Hens’ pitchers (Enrique Gonzalez, L.J. Gagnier, and Brad Thomas, the latter also in a rehab assignment) were nearly as effective. Rather than a pitching duel between starters, there was an even greater duel between several pitchers; Carroll and LeCure pretty much had the Mud Hens handcuffed.

An interesting note about the Mud Hens’ pitching staff this evening…for all 3 pitchers: 4BB, 7K, 1 HR, 1 HB, 13 balls in the air and only 2 groundouts.

Rain threatened the area but never quite appeared…Chihiro took my picture. People usually don’t hesitate to stop me and ask about stuff I’m wearing at games, but the Taco Mac shirt gets the most inquiries, I think.

Oh, and hey…for the first time this year, the Zooperstars are in the house! Here Brendan Wise (RHP for Toledo, did not pitch tonight) is attacked after whooping Alex Frogriguez in a dance contest.

This is Yao Flamingo, Ken Giraffey Jr, and Manatee Ramirez (who has not retired) messing about with Mud Hens 3B Bryan Pounds…

And, of course, Harry Canary led us in singing “Take Me Out…” and spraying folks with silly string during the 7th inning stretch.

I told myself “I’m not going to take any pictures of Todd tonight” but you know that I am obliged to. Here’s Todd Frazier, who had a dismal evening (0-for-4, 2K, a flyout, lineout, and groundout) facing Enrique Gonzalez (2.2IP, 3H, 2ER, 3BB, 4K, HR, 13 BF, 61 pitchers, 37 for strikes, 9.56 FIP*)…Gonzalez was taken out of the game too soon to tell what the rest of his night could have been like, but there’s no doubt about it…he was throwing strikes.

* Yes, for the first time in this post…introducing FIP (Fielding Independent Pitching) as a stat I will include in each pitcher’s line whenever I can ‘whip it up’…we’re going to give this a shot! What is FIP? Read THIS for more information. The league average I’m using for now is 3.2, if you think I should use something different for Minor League, Independent League, Major League, or whatever league…please drop me a comment on this and I will mess around with it a little.

Danny Dorn at bat (2-for-3, 2R, 2H, K, 2RBI on a HR off Enrique Gonzalez with 1 on and 1 out)

Cale Iorg (1-for-3, H, 2K) faces Scott Carroll (6IP, 4H, ER, BB, 4K, 22 BF, 66 pitches, 44 for strikes, 2.37 FIP). I mentioned Cale in my Opening Day post.

Will Rhymes (0-for-3, BB, 3 groundouts) faces Scott Carroll.

Zack Cozart (0-for-4, 2K, 2 Flyouts) faces Enrique Gonzalez…

…and flies out to Center Fielder Clete Thomas.

Hey kids, it’s Jeremy Hermida (1-for-2, 2BB, putout 7-6-2 coming home on a double by Devin Mesoraco)…Jeremy (.346/.434/.500) is currently in a near-statistical tie for the International League batting crown with Gwinnett Braves’ Jose Constanza (.345/.392/.401). I think it’s safe to assume that a batting crown alone doesn’t tell you who is a more effective hitter.

Hermida facing Enrique Gonzalez…a swingandamiss!

Todd Frazier again.

Sam LeCure (3IP, 3H, 0R, 3K, 11 BF, 46 pitches, 32 for strikes, 1.20 FIP) warming up on the mound…

Cale Iorg faces Sam LeCure in the 7th inning.

The 8th inning was brought to you by Ocean Spray…and you can thank Tug Haines for helping out with that!!!

Detroit Tigers 3B Brandon Inge (1-for-4, K, 2 flyouts) is rehabbing in Toledo! His only hit of the night was against Sam LeCure, but he was erase on Bryan Pounds’ GIDP (6-3) to end the top of the 9th, and the game, with the Bats winning 3-1.

After the game, a 3-inning exhibition Men’s Slow Pitch Softball game occurred between the visiting Wounded Warriors and a combo squad of Louisville Police and Fire Departments. The Wounded Warriors squad was comprised of entirely amputee players…a very impressive outing and program, as they tour to promote the program and show off their skills. Here is a brief writeup of their visit by Fox 41’s Tom Lane, including a video with the local news story.

Official Scorecard and Bat Chat

Official Program: MATT MALONEY!

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  1. Stevo,

    I clicked through to your site from my '74 Topps site. Scorekeeping is a lost passion, I'm afraid. But it's been big in my family. My mom kept score all the time for Little League when I was a kid. I learned how from my dad, and I used to keep score of MLB games. And now I keep score occasionally for my kid in pee-wee.

    But the big love for it was my wife's grandmother who lived in Fresno. The Giants moved to the west coast in '58 and she fell in love with rookie star Orlando Cepeda. My wife inherited a bunch of her stuff, which included a scorebook with a large number of 1958 games kept. She listened to every game on the radio. Keep it up!


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