Thursday, May 26, 2011

5/26/11 RSS Feed Favorites, with Coffee


Photo by Tug Haines

Today's pick o' the RSS Feed, with a substantial dose of caffeine...

Beyond the Box Score:
How Do Ultimate Base Runs and Equivalent Base Running Runs Compare? by Chris St. John
More fun on the basepaths…I mean it, really! Starting 5/24/11, Fangraphs is adding UBR (Ultimate Base Runs), Baseball Prospectus uses EQBRR (Equivalent Base Running Runs)…so what in the heck is the difference and why in the heck should you care?

Mike Quade and the “two to one” finger thing by Tim Souers
So…what do you think? And BTW, how about them throwback unis? Do you think I can get a Lou Montañez jersey in this style at Wrigleyville Sports
…or no?

Joe Blogs:
Splitt by Joe Posnanski
Joe remembers Paul Splittorff, who died yesterday…

Old Time Family Baseball:
Wilson Valdez may have been brought in to pitch the top of the…
You need to know…fun facts about the Reds @ Phillies 19-inning mayhemic contest from yesterday, 5/25/11

The Greatest 21 Days:
Mike Loggins, Learned French - 187 by Steve78
The part about learning French comes from a statement made by then-Arkansas Razorbacks-freshman Mike Loggins’ assessment of the famous outfield wall at the original George Cole Field, read about the rest of this future Omaha Royal’s career...

Tug Haines: Casual Fan:
BRYCE HARPER by Tug Haines
Tug is taking a few days off…this post was from Monday, but hey…enjoy this wisdom regarding Bryce and his performance during this game!! Do you think you've heard the last word on Bryce Harper? No, you haven't...

Eien no tomodachi,

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