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5/21/11 St Louis Cardinals 3, Kansas City Royals 0

Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City, MO
Game 2 of 3

Nate Adcock’s most impressive first MLB start Major League Debut custom card by Clinton Wiederholdt, check out his awesome work at A Hair Off Square!!

I was never happier when I found out the Royals picked up Nate Adcock during the 2010 Rule 5 draft; this was for a few reasons:

1. Nate hails from Vine Grove, KY…right down the road from me
2. He was a formidable pitcher, a great fit for the ROYALS
3. I always applaud a great pitcher not on the Pirates’ staff, the Cubs need all the help they can get!!

Nate was very effective for the Royals in relief during his first 8 outings as a reliever, with a 2.16 ERA in 16.2 IP. When Ned Yost needed a starter, Adcock was there and got the nod for his first MLB start against the St Louis Cardinals during interleague play.

Nate did a fine job in 5 shut-out innings of work; striking out 4, walking one, hitting Albert Pujols (cheers!) and only allowing 4 hits.

Hitting Pujols would not erase Nate’s legend as “the guy who hit Robinson Cano” in New York on 5/11/2011, a career distinction he acknowledges and humbly accepts to this very day…

Why Ned Yost went with Louis Coleman in the 6th, I can’t tell you, nor can I understand. Coleman did fine, but Tim Collins gave up a 2-run HR to Matt Holliday to put the Cardinals on the board and take a decision away from Nate Adcock. Jake Westbrook (yes, Jake Westbrook) goes the distance for 8 scoreless innings, allowing 4 hits, walking 3 and striking out 3. Tony LaRussa turns to Fernando Salas (who is not the closer!) who faces 4, gives up a single hit with 2 outs, and completes the handcuffing of the Royals.

On February 4th, 2012, my daughter Kei and I were fortunate enough to attend an event at Louisville Harley-Davidson featuring Nate Adcock. He gave an excellent 25-minute talk on his career and baseball, answered questions from the fans, and generously signed autographs. Louisville H-D gave all those in attendance (about 20-30 folks) a custom black mini Louisville Slugger Bat with the dealership’s logo, Nate’s name, and the date all inscribed on the barrel.

I was the only fan in attendance with Royals gear on. During Nate’s Q&A session, I pretty much kept silent…when there seemed to be no more questions, he addressed me directly and said “How about YOU?” I eventually responded to an answer he provided about pitching and Bruce Chen (Bruce attributes his recent success to his work with Bob McClure) and I finally broke down and asked him about his impression of the Royals fans and KC area as a whole (“awesome, great people…very similar to Louisville in many ways”) and then where the best BBQ in KC is (he’s only been to Gate’s, he hasn’t been to Oklahoma Joe’s yet…”that place is in a GAS STATION!!”).

Thanks again to Nate for coming out and doing this, I was walking on air for days!! You can follow Nate on twitter: @NathanAdcock47
He has a great shot at making the rotation this year, support him in his quest for baseball excellence!!!

Nate and I during the autograph session (no, I am not a short guy)

Autographed Baseball

Autographed mini Louisville Slugger bat

Last, but not least…YES, Nate signed my scoresheet for this game!

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