Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5/24/11 Box Scores for Breakfast

Congratulations, Todd!

A blurry-eyed view of some of yesterday’s games…

Boston Red Sox 2, Cleveland Indians 3
Can anyone stop the Tribe? Or are they this year’s 2010 Padres?

Cincinnati Reds 3, Philadelphia Phillies
The BIG story was: Chase Utley is back. My big story: Todd Frazier got called up from AAA Louisville early yesterday (as part of a roster move that also recalled LHP Matt Maloney, demoted Jordan Smith and Edinson Volquez). Those who know me know that Todd Frazier fandom outside of Tom’s River, NJ is centrally located within a 500 ft. radius of my house…we’re all very proud of Todd, even though now we have to face the reality we knew would come someday…if his name shows up on a Reds shirt, is it OK if my kids want one? Frazier wasn’t in the starting lineup last night, but did PH for Maloney in the 7th…with his folks and many friends in the crowd, Todd majestically struck out swinging in his first MLB at-bat.

Tampa Bay Rays 3, Detroit Tigers 6
Charlie Furbush…this morning, everybody’s talking about him. Do you know Charlie Furbush? Remember this game from last year? I remember…

Tampa Bay Rays 3, Detroit Tigers 6
Albert Pujols ends his 105 at-bat HR drought…in Petco Park of all places. Did you bet on this or against it?

There is no greater game, anywhere, anytime…

Eien no tomodachi,

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