Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring Training is HERE!!

With the official arrival of SPRING TRAINING GAMES to our collective baseball consciousness, I thought I'd post some shortcuts to previously posted Spring Training games from 2009 and 2010 to herald the End of the DARK DAYS (of no baseball). You might also get a kick at how much my scoresheets have changed over the years, if you are new to these parts.

Besides the advent of BASEBALL SEASON, what I really like most about ST games is seeing the Minor Leaguers in action, even if only for a couple of innings. Many say these games "don't count," well they DO to ME.

Plenty of games on the radio and TV coming up, you know I'll be watching/scoring as usual. Without further ado:

2009 Spring Training
3/1/09 HOU @ NYM ...the first game I ever scored. My advice to you, if you are new at scoring, please avoid Spring Training games. Like my first batch of homebrew many years ago: "What on EARTH was I thinking?!?"
3/4/09 CHC @ CWS
3/5/09 CWS @ CHC
3/14/09 LAA @ CHC
3/20/09 LAD @ KC
3/30/09 TB @ MIN ...I was at this game, this story is very special to me, read it and you'll see why!

2010 Spring Training
3/6/10 CWS @ CHC
3/14/10 CHC @ LAA
3/19/10 CHC @ CWS
3/21/10 TEX @ SD
3/21/10 COL @ KC

Enjoy, and a message from my daughter Kei: Go CUBS!!

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