Wednesday, March 4, 2009

3/4/09 Chicago Cubs 6, Chicago White Sox 7

Cashman Field, Las Vegas, NV (Exhibition)
Game 1 of 2

Looked forward to these games all winter long; kinda disappointing but oh-so-close just the same. This game was really fun to watch, some great action and lots of players with ‘key moments.’ Using the vertical scorecard really helped; I really improved my stride on getting down my scoring process for these two games. I also figured out with this game that a SAC Fly or Bunt doesn’t count as an AB.

This game had me doing some double takes as I finally realized that the box score they show on TV before and after commercial isn’t always right. Just out of the gate, I felt like I could double-check what I was doing as I was moving along, but I started seeing occasional differences in the total number of hits I had recorded as opposed to what WGN had up. Then when commercial break was over, their number was the same as mine. Imagine that!

Samardzjia’s 3 innings were a true bummer, he was starting to do so well in late 2008. I hope the next time I see Patton pitching, he doesn’t allow the GWR. The WP started all the trouble…I effectively called that, so did the official scorer.

Koyie Hill’s PA in the 4th inning…I called that a PB but it was really a BB…not sure why. Soriano choked, but Theriot, Ramirez, and Fontenot were great.

As for the Sox…they were impressive offensively, sure; 3 homers proved that (too bad only one of the HR brought extra runners in). Not too crazy about their pitching.

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