Friday, March 20, 2009

3/20/09 Los Angeles Dodgers 4, Kansas City Royals 9

Surprise Stadium
Surprise, AZ

I had been anxiously waiting to see some of Luke Hochevar’s ‘stuff’ and when he gave up 4 hits, 3 runs with 1 K and 1 BB (facing 8 of the 9 in the order) in only the first inning, I could feel my lunch slowly returning to its origin. I stayed nervous in the 2nd, when he walked Kemp (2nd batter of the inning) and then hit Ausmus right after. Fortunately, a 2-4 PO (Olivo to Bloomquist) caught Kemp at 2nd, then Ethier flew out to LF finishing the inning with no runs, no hits. Hochevar’s next two innings saw him chilling out, showing his true stuff after a wild start. The Royals allowed no more runs to score until Luna’s GRD (off of Peralta) scored lead-off batter Matt Kemp.

The Royals’ offense went crazy in the 5th, the entire order plus one showed up at the plate as Eric Milton (earning an L and a BS) allowed 5 hits and 6 runs, 1 BB, and committed an error that allowed CoCo Crisp to reach first and eventually score when Mike “Big League Chew” Jacobs hit a GRD. The nightmare continued for Milton in the 6th, when Chris Lubanski homered in his first plate appearance, scoring Crisp again (who reached on another error, this one charged to Luna). Milton retired the next 3 batters, but that was it for him; giving the ball to Josh Lindblum who kept the Royals scoreless for the rest of the game. Brandon Duckworth gets the W for being the pitcher-at-hand when Milton gave up the game for the Dodgers.

DODGERS 4 11 2
ROYALS 9 10 0

It was a drag that Mark Teahen didn’t play, but Bloomquist was great offensively and defensively (1 huge PO and 6 Assists), playing the entire game. The game was called by Frank White, Ryan Lefevre and Joel Goldberg, and was lavishly seasoned with a handful of great interviews during innings: Dennis Leonard (top of 3rd), Willie Wilson (bottom of 4th), David DeJesus (bottom of 6th) and the highlight, an impromptu chat with the legendary Steve Palermo, who told some great stories (including the Phil Niekro ‘Foul Ball’ story).

Scoring Notes: Still trying to keep track of which side of the plate batters are working from…see the dots on each side of the ‘diamond’? I am still forgetting from time to time. The “-S” after each batter’s name indicates ‘Switch Hitter’ – that way I don’t have to write “LH” and “RH” for each of them. Keep an eye on the ‘Switch Hitter,’ let the dots speak to the rest.

(I scored this game 6/15/2009)

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