Monday, August 30, 2010

BIL Tour: 8/29/10 Chicago Cubs 5, Cincinnati Reds 7

Great American Ball Park, Cincinnai, OH

Still hard to believe after living in this area for so long that this was my first ever trip to Great American Ball Park. Is there any better way to herald this event than with the final trip of the tour AND with the Cubs in town?

A "W" would have been nice!

CHC 5 14 2
CIN 7 14 0

Ounce for ounce, one of the most exciting games of the trip. The Reds would score, the Cubs would come back. Travis Wood didn't have his 'good stuff' today, we got lucky there.

One of my greatest moments as a Cubs fan was Fukudome's 2-run homer in the 8th to tie the game. I was never as proud as I was when I stood up amongst the Reds fans in our section and cheered voraciously. Even better that I did this at GABP, in the nest of the Reds fans. Boo-YAAA!!

Even still great, despite his subsequent throwing error that didn't lose the game for us (that was Sean Marshall's RBI single to Hernandez) but that certainly seemed to seal the deal just the same.

2 humorous game notes:

While standing in line to buy a scorecard and pencil, the vendor didn't have change to break a 20. I turned around, frustrated, and asked Mark to spot me a buck so I could pick one up, a handful of singles in his hand. He said 'sure,' handed me one; I made my purchase and walked away...only to find Mark standing 20 paces away from the vendor booth, asking me who that guy was that I was changing money with. Turns out a complete stranger spotted me a buck, not Mark, and by the time I turned around he was gone.

A few Reds fans were sitting next to us, I in my Fukudome jersey, Cubs cap, and handy green clipboard with scoresheets, camera, and BB. In the 2nd inning, this guy on my left turns to me and asks, profoundly, as I'm totalling pitches, "Are you a scout for the Cubs?" My response: "No, I'm an evil spy for the Reds!" ...I guess it was the clipboard.

Approaching GABP from the 'mall'

Mark and I in our seats, near the field (that' not a "3" it's a "W")

Grandstand before the game...don't let the Red seats fool you, there are LOTS of Cub fans here today!

Starlin Castro gets on base

Fukudome in RF, we sat right in front of many of his plays

Casey Coleman delivers, Xavier Nady springs to make the play

Fukudome on 1st base

Sam LeCure

Sean Marshall warms up, he is TOO tall at this distance

Adios, Mark! Let's do this again sometime!!!

Official Scorecard

Souvenir Program (with Johnny Gomes poster!!!)

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