Thursday, August 26, 2010

BIL Tour: 8/25/10 New Orleans Zephyrs 1, Nashville Sounds 2

Greer Stadium, Nashville, TN

The second game of the tour was a blast, not as much a pitcher's duel as two teams struggling to 'make something happen' offensively (in the old days they called this "manufacturing runs")...

NEW 1 6 0
NAS 2 6 0

The ball game was tied 1-1 until Luis Cruz' sac fly scored Erick Almonte. Interesting to see former Cardinal Brian Barden for NOLA, and hey...Mitch Stetter nearly lost control of his mind, but regained his composure. Milwaukee, don't call him up yet!

We saw our first HR of the tour, and once again both of left the game with more balls than we had when we got there.

At the Parthenon, Centennial Park in Nashville

Hello Downtown Nashville! (Broadway street)

The legendary Ernest Tubb Record Shop...there were very few records there

Outside Greer Stadium, just about time to open

First Guitar-shaped Jumbotron I've ever seen!

Sounds manager Don Money brings out the lineup card

Tim Dillard fires (his father is Steve Dillard)

The DOUBLE-PLAY ball!!

Stevo plays the "Honey Board Trivia Game" and wins 4 tickets he can't use and a game ball

Mark catches the ball (RE-ENACTMENT!)

NOLA 1B Mark Saccomanno holding Sounds RF Brendan Katin (2 for 3, R, RBI, HR)

Mitch Stetter gets out of a JAM

Official Scorecard

Gameday Stats and Roster

Souvenir Program (the 'guitar' is a die-cut shape on the cover, very nice!)

Back of the program...I was so confused by the Honey Board Trivia game, I didn't realize that my program was autographed by "Ozzie"...I could have won something else!

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  1. Hey Stevo,

    Nice win of the trivia match. Looks like too much fun to me. I am actually here in East Peoria with you Mom and Dad heading for Knoxville later today or tomorrow. HI to Mark.

    Be safe,

    Uncle John


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