Friday, July 31, 2009

7/31/09 Chicago Cubs 2, Florida Marlins 5

Land Shark Stadium, Miami, FL

Rich Harden fans 11 (tying his highest number of Ks to date), but fails to rout the Marlins effectively, allowing a meager 2 runs (including one HR by Cantu in the 3rd) that were blotted out by the Marlins’ 8th inning 3 run rally. They literally ran Marmol ragged during that frame.

CUBS 2 6 0

Ramirez and Hill were hot (both 2-4) and Jake Fox’ HR in the 7th shows some signs that the Cubs’ offensive woes are pretty much (almost) behind them.

The game was called on WGN by Pat Hughes and Ron Santo, with Judd Sirott.

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