Saturday, July 25, 2009

7/25/09 Cincinnati Reds 3, Chicago Cubs 5

Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL
Game 2 of 3

Action-packed in the first inning, with Johnny Cueto (CIN P) facing the entire Cubs starting lineup – 3 runs, 5 hits. The Cubs came back offensively and caught Cueto off guard from the start. 3 Cubs homered (Ramirez, Soriano, and Bradley) but 2 Reds homered in the 9th, which prompted Aaron Heilman (CHC P) to get yanked in favor of Kevin Gregg, who got the S. Kevin Hart (CHC P) got his second W in 3 starts.

REDS 3 7 1
CUBS 5 10 0

This was a medium-paced Cubs slugfest, while the early innings had the immediate action, the other 2 HR in the game were evenly paced and more than insurance runs – they saved the game when the Reds came back with 2 HR in 4 batters.

Lee left the game after the 7th with neck spasms (again). Soriano was getting back to his old self, hitting safely 3 times (including his HR). This W for the Cubs puts them at 7-2 after the All-Star Break. YEAH!!!

First inning saw the Cubs collectively hitting for the cycle…check it out!!

The game was called on WGN Radio by Pat Hughes, Ron Santo, and Jeff Sirott. Bob Sirott (Jeff’s Uncle) visited and chatted a bit during the 5th. The ‘Fathead Exchange’ was particularly hilarious, as Pat Hughes announced that for a future game:

Pat Hughes: “…the first 10,000 or so fans will get a free Cubs Fathead! I’m trying not to look at you when I say that, Ron…”

Ron Santo: “What is a Fathead?”

Pat Hughes: “I was hoping YOU would know…”

Scoring Notes: The first game I’ve scored from the radio, making it all the way through. I used the ‘simplified’ scorecard from James Teresco; not keeping track of pitches due to increased ‘focused listening.’ It went well, was a very relaxed experience (and exciting game!!). I am STILL wrestling with whether or not to credit an AB to a batter when they are acknowledged for a SAC fly, bunt, etc. According to ‘the rules’ the SAC is an AB only if a runner scores…here, both Cueto and Theriot get a SAC by the official scorer, and their AB removed from the count. In any case, Votto’s SAC actually scored a runner, so I didn’t credit his PA as an AB but gave Cueto and Theriot Abs for their “SACs”…I even researched it during the game to be sure I was doing this right…

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