Sunday, March 15, 2009

3/15/09 Cuba 0, Japan 6

WBC Round 2 Pool 1
Petco Park, San Diego, CA

The WBC games are particularly exciting for me, as a fan of Japanese Baseball longer than a fan of MLB, to see actual Japanese players live and in action (even if only on TV). Watching pro yakyu games on myP2P or Keyhole TV is great, but this is true Japanese all-start action, mostly on our home turf.

Speaking of which, any game I watch at Petco Park always brings back fantastic memories of the Padres game I saw there in 2005. A truly awesome ballpark.

JAPAN 6 12 2
CUBA 0 8 0

Nine breathtaking scoreless innings. Japan’s 2 errors (fielding, Suzuki and Johjima) didn’t help Cuba very much. Cuba’s pitching problems were a contributing factor, with the 3rd inning Japanese rally being the most significant portion of the game. Chapman faced all but 1 member of the rotation as Japan collected 5 hits in the frame and scored 3 runs in the process.

Most impressive hitter: Ogasawara (2-4, BB) – naturally, as one of the ‘big bats’ in the Yomiuri Giants (fierce rival of my favorite yakyu team Hanshin Tigers) I am likely to throw my coffee cup at my computer screen during an NPB game, but was cheering heartily for this event.

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