Friday, December 28, 2012

8/26/12 Colorado Rockies 0, Chicago Cubs 5

Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL
Game 3 of 3

IF you would have told me that today would be the day that Chris Volstad would WIN and Shawn Camp would earn a SAVE, I would have then showered you with beer and popcorn in retaliation.
OK, so today is the day, then.

Volstad notched his FIRST win of the season (after 9 losses in 13 starts) and Camp earned his SECOND save...even as the game was called in the top of the ninth due to rain.

I thought this game would be more memorable for other reasons...I started with Gameday Audio, noticed a banner advertising MLB.TV Premium subscriptions for $10 (to celebrate the 10th anniversary of MLB.TV), and took up on that offer by the end of the 2nd inning, watching WGN-TV in glory on my laptop in the backyard.


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