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6/22/12 - Coors Field Tour

Coors Field, Denver, CO

Some pictures and notes from my visit to Coors Field during my trip to Colorado.  The Rockies were out of town during our visit, but I was fortunate enough to catch a Colorado Springs Sky Sox game a few days earlier.

We had a beer at Falling Rock prior to the tour, there are quite possibly hundreds of thousands of beer bottles adorning every wall of this legendary LoDo establishment, only a couple of blocks from the ballpark. Here, my brother Shannon and I are pointing at two of our favorites, which just happened to be side-by-side on the wall adjacent to the table we were sitting at.

Hello, Coors Field!  A very gorgeous ballpark, I regret not being able to see a game here while I was in town, but the tour was a fantastic, if not comparable, experience.


Some Panoramic shots; in case you didn't know, the row of purple seats all the way around the upper deck represent the "mile high" elevation point the "Mile High City" is known for (5,280 ft above sea level).

Relics in trophy cases: this is the original expansion draft board from November 17, 1992.  Note where Dante Bichette appears.

There were several Minor League relics representing Denver's professional baseball history prior to the 1993 Rockies franchise.  Here are some Denver Bears jerseys, and a game program from 1984.

The Press Box at Coors Field has several large cantilever glass windows that weigh about 200 pounds each.  On gameday, the windows are opened and foul balls often sail violently through the open beware!  I was sitting in the second row in the press box, and turned around to find this mark made by Ramon Hernandez on 4/30/12.  I encourage you to open the photo and examine the detail closely, this ball hit the wall so hard the seams made a distinct impression.

The home locker room is always "off limits" to tourists, but the visitor's locker room is open for inspection.  Here are your 2012 MLB Umpires, know them well - no robots are pictured, yet.

I've posted "Rule 21" pictures before, so I won't repeat that for this post...I did, however, get a great shot of this "Non-Exclusive List of Potentially Contaminated Nutritional Supplements," it's probably more important to memorize this list rather than the umpires...depending upon what your inclinations may or may not be...

View from the field; we originally weren't scheduled to get on the field due to a wedding rehearsal that was taking place...fortunately, the rehearsal broke up in time for us to get access.  FYI, you, too, can have your wedding at Coors Field for the paltry sum of $3000; throw in another $1200 and you can have your reception dinner at the Coors Field executive banquet room (I believe catering may be included for a maximum number of guests).

Some great dugout shots, this is the sign that drives Ron Washington and Jim Leyland absolutely NUTS.

Dial "2" for Bullpen - "Bring Up MOTTE" ha ha

Guidelines pertaining to "Dugouts, Bench and Field" as well as the "Universal Ground Rules" - it should be no surprise that 'The dugouts, bench and field are off-limits except to appropriate club and MLB personnel and media bearing appropriate credentials pre and post-game.'  The "Universal Ground Rules" apply to 'balls in play' rules applicable to all Major League Baseball parks; the sign below are 'Field Rules' applicable exclusively to Coors Field...

Tour admission ticket

More pocket schedules, two different versions!!

A parting gift from the tour, a magnetic season schedule

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