Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Doug Davis Series

OK…so it’s really the ‘Doug Davis and the Cubs’ series, or even ‘Doug Davis 2011’ would be catchy…but it’s really a 3-game series chronicling 3 of Davis’ starts for the Cubs, plus an Epilogue of sorts. I did not love Doug Davis as a Cub, I did not hate Doug Davis as a Cub. With these posts, and this post to herald their existence, I only want to formally acknowledge, but not celebrate, the Circle of Doug Davis and the Cubs. In all fariness, I should have included Doug’s single Win for the Cubs, in his start against the visiting New York Yankees on 6/17/11, but I haven’t seen or heard the game yet…I’m sure he gave ‘em hell, after all the box score shows it to have been a strong start for him. I should have included it, but I didn’t, but I did mention it, so that perhaps his other 8 outings wouldn’t seem as bad as they really were.

Game 1: 5/14/11 SF @ CHC
Doug Davis’ Cubs debut, Ryan Vogelsong and the Giants.

Game 2: 5/20/11 CHC @ BOS
The Cubs’ first visit to Fenway Park since the 1918 World Series. He leaves the game with an 8.31 ERA, his second start for the Cubs.

Game 3: 6/28/11 SF @ CHC
Doug Davis’ final Cubs appearance, Ryan Vogelsong and the Giants.

Epilogue: 7/23/11 CHA @ LOU
Doug Davis’ 2nd start with the Charlotte Knights, his first W with the club against the Louisville Bats. The Famous Chicken is also at the game, and Corky Miller signed a foul ball he hit for me earlier in the season.

So come on now, you want to know more about him: Doug Davis

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