Friday, March 16, 2012

Dirk Hayhurst leaves Nettuno

Imagine my shock earlier this afternoon when FIBS (Federazione Italiana Baseball Softball) tweeted that "Rick" Hayhurst had abruptly left Nettuno and was returning to the USA. I did correct them ("DIRK Hayhurst") but the fact remains, the Italian media seems to be a little bit miffed about this and are leaving it up to Hayhurst to "explain to his followers why he left Nettuno after only a few days."

I love international baseball, and I offer nothing but respect and admiration as a fan to Nettuno and to the league, but I am also a big fan of Dirk Hayhurst, so naturally I'm going to withhold any commentary and wait for the Garfoose to officially update his fans on what happened. I'm sure he will set the record straight.

For your review, are loosely translated articles that were published a few hours ago regarding this shocking development. You can think what you want (especially if you are FIBS), but Dirk has been vocally frustrated over visa issues, no internet access, and such over the past few days.

I've asked FIBS to clarify what on Earth they mean about Dirk and his wanting to be a "commentator on American television" but I've yet to get a response. Like I said, they are kinda pissed, the start of the season is right around the corner.

UPDATE: After this was posted, FIBS was kind enough to respond to my inquiry for clarification on this, and they confirmed that he had an offer to do color commentary for a TV station.

The first article is the initial announcement, I have no idea what the heck the Marco Constantini divorce business at the end of the article is. The second article comprises of the official seething comments from nettuno manager Roger you can see, he is not very kind about this situation. Using the term "Bush League" is usually an indication of this.

Clamoroso a Nettuno! Hayhurst torna a casa (by Mauro Cugola)
Sensational to Neptune! Hayhurst returns home
Tomorrow the U.S. pitcher will return to the U.S.. A bolt from the blue to the team who is now departing Bagialemani stranger a few days before the IBL 2012

Not even time to have seen him run for a recovery, that fans of Neptune should already say goodbye to Dirk Hayhurst. And 'in fact this afternoon, while disputing the friendly match against the Germans of Regensburg, the startling news that the U.S. pitcher will return home tomorrow.

It is a grain, needless to say, for the Danes Neptune, a few days before the start of the championship is not what should be the starter for the races of foreign launchers, and especially after having exhausted the visa. In short it is expected an official announcement from the company.

It also appears as yet another official divorce between the association and Nettunense Marco Costantini, who was married off to Rome, where he find himself the manager William Trinci.

Bagialemani: "Hayhurst non si è comportato seriamente" (by Mauro Cugola)
Bagialemani: "Hayhurst did not behave seriously"
In an impromptu press conference to officially confirm the departure Danesi Nettuno revealing the reason for his departure. Will do in a U.S. television commentator. Exhausted the visa, you try the substitute
On the one hand the company, who explained what happened. Across the manager Bagialemani that at some point he stopped to say everything word for word what he truly thinks Hayhurst. In an impromptu press conference, while in the field was the penultimate scene in the friendly against Regensburg, Caffè Danesi Nettuno officially informed that he had anticipated some ten minutes before ...

"Hayhurst will go away tomorrow. A decision that took him from America because it offered what he considered the work of life, or as a commentator for American television," said general manager Alberto De Carolis. The broadcasting instead of the baseball player, personal choice, but that broke up more than a few seasonal strategy of Neptune. "He left us a bit 'banned (and visibly annoyed, nda) because we had to repeat over and over again that the rules in Italy were very restrictive about entry visas, and that there would be no possibility of substitution. We had confirmed that everything was OK, that there were problems, and this also just arrived. Then yesterday he came out with this thing ... ". And on a technical level? "We say that fortunately the mound is quite long and gives us ample reassurances. Santos Hernandez will be departing for the first embossed with Leal, Riccardo Hernandez for the second and Riccardo De Santis for the third, with other findings in turn. Now we'll see how to bridge this gap. We have not seen but in return we can still tap into the market of Community and naturalized. We have some contacts in this direction. "

Certainly it did not go down to Bagialemani. "It has resulted in a serious way, has not respected the work of leadership, the team has not complied with, and put us into very serious difficulties which can compromise your season," he says, but hinting that it will be a difficulty that the team will address with even greater force. On the other hand, and those with long memories will remember well, during the league in '90 Galasso was the third pitcher to arrive at this beginning of the season quite eventful.

Sure, there was no rule of visas ... And there was no Internet. Talking with someone who has had a chance to see him (very little, a stay of three days in all) has learned that he immediately requested a way to connect to the network, which is a greedy attender, lamenting the lack of wireless in its apartment. The other, for the record, we were forewarned about to buy a stick for personal connections. While many suspicions aroused his physical condition, anything but good. It is colorless, the test performance, even mediocre against the Germans in a friendly match of Regensburg. Among other things, had not yet been visited by medical staff of Neptune. Thus, proposed by the U.S. aside, the feeling is that it was likely to be in front of a player far from suitable for the Italian league. If nothing else, at least unprepared.

I wonder if these things Dirk Hayhurst will write on his next book, or will say in his next commentary. Perhaps thinking of a vacation, or to a championship level lowest. What he definitely called "bush league" somewhere, but that has not even had the pleasure to try and misurarcisi.


  1. Well, I'm neutral (I'm italian, but I'm not from Nettuno neither a Nettuno fan) and I wait to read an official comment from Hayhurst before judge, but maybe Dirk could have managed this thing in a better way.

    I mean: I can understand the frustration of the first impact with a new environment and some difficulties... but only three days are not enough to give up on a season! I'm not annoyed, because I don't care about Nettuno (I'm fan of a rival team), but this story is pretty shocking and not very nice, I'm sure you can understand.

  2. I am not at all neutral. I'm a fan of Nettuno and Dirk did not behave professionally. Our short season forces us not to mistake almost nothing. Starting the competition without a good stranger pitcher is often a death sentence. In fact, once used the four visas, foreigners can not be replaced (and he knows it before). Now, after only three days, Dirk leaves us in trouble. He will go on with his life as TV commentator, we must roll up our sleeves and remedy an emergency (without knowing exactly how ...). Is this the professionality?


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