Friday, April 8, 2011

4/8/11 Chicago Cubs 7, Milwaukee Brewers 4

Miller Park, Wilwaukee, WI
Game 1 of 3

WOO HOO, the Cubs head for "Wrigley North" (I only write that because it drives Brewers fans BERSERK) for the first time in 2011 and face...


Yes, that's right...Former Cub CASEY McGEHEE. When Len and Bob address the Pirates' Neil Walker as "Cubs Nemesis Neil Walker" it's endearing to most of us, I think. WHen Len and Bob acknowledge players who used to be Cubs, it's also nice for us to be reminded...heck, we can lose track of these guys also, so it's actually a nice gesture. However, for more than enough reasons, I have to ask Len and Bob to make an exception and please oh please stop referring to Casey McGehee, every time he appears at the plate or participates in a play, as "former Cub Casey McGehee." You let us know he used to be a Cub a few years ago, you can stop doing that now. Thanks.

The Cubs played very well. Former New York Mets pitcher and Louisville native Sean Green pitches a spectacular inning of relief for the Brewers, showing off his effective side-arm delivery that we didn't see him use much as a Met.

The Cubs WIN. The Brewers wear fantastic throwback unis. Casey McGehee is NO LONGER A CUB.


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