Friday, April 1, 2011

4/1/11 Los Angeles Angels 1, Kansas City Royals 2

Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City, MO
Game 2 of 4


After the Cubs let me down a few hours earlier, dropping their home opener to the Pirates, a few more beers and a Royals game could stand a chance to turn my day around.

Greg Schaum of Pine Tar Press was at the game, tweeting and posting photos. Jeff Francis fares wonderfully against Dan Haren for the Angels, each only giving up one run in 7 innings apiece and pretty much baffling hitters for most of the evening. The tie game threatened to extend the game into extras when during the commercial break before the bottom of the 9th, I tweeted my sense of urgency in wondering what kind of voodoo dance I would have to do to get Kila (first batter up to lead off the inning) Ka'aihue to belt a walk-off homer and end the game.

That kind of stuff usually doesn't work, but tonight it did.

The Angels bring in Michael Kohn in relief, he throws a called strike and then Kila tags a tater way into the left center field porch.

During the pre-game show: we find out why Aaron Crow is wearing a Justin Bieber backpack.

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