Tuesday, November 3, 2009

11/2/09 New York Yankees 6, Philadelphia Phillies 8 (WS Game 5)

World Series Game 5
Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA

The Phillies come back in a true pitching 'thrilla'...Girardi moves A.J. Burnett up to face Cliff Lee, the first time in World Series history that 2 pitchers from Arkansas have started in the same game.

Lee's 7 innings were impressive; giving the ball up in the 8th to Chan Ho Park after A-Rod's 2-run double wasn't. Where the Yanks couldn't find their offense against Lee in Game 1, the video must have helped a little.

NYY 6 10 0
PHI 8 9 0

Utley homers twice, as if to take the frosting off of Burnett's cake. His 3-run homer in the very first inning did just that, Burnett never recovered - by the time Girardi came out with the hook he had given up 6 runs on 4 hits, facing 15 batters in 2 plus innings.

I laughed out loud when Phil Coke came out, having just watched the "I Breathe Baseball" episode where Turturro launches into his anti-Coke campaign and then makes up with him when he meets him face-to-face. Laughed even more when Coke gives up Utley's second homer, then another from Raul Ibanez later the same inning. Goodbye, Phil!

Another Phil (Hughes) comes in to keep Coke's mess from boiling over, the damage is already done. The Yanks pull off small miracles in the 8th and 9th, bringing the Phils' lead down to 3 at the end of the 8th. Pinch-hitter Jorge Posada scores on Jeter's GIDP in the 9th for the second out, but it's over. The Phils offense gloriously returns to force a game 6 and the Yankees have to rely on Andy Pettitte to bring things back against 'Daddy' Pedro Martinez.

Brett Gardner nearly demolishes himself against the wall robbing Jayson Werth in the 5th. Brutal slamming baseball!!

Two notable records tonight:
Utley's lead-off HR in the 7th ties Reggie Jackson for the most HR in a World Series (1977)
Ryan Howard's subsequent K in the 7th ties Willie Wilson for the most strikeouts in a World Series (1980)

Yankees lead the Series 3-2.

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