Monday, November 2, 2009

11/1/09 New York Yankees 7, Philedelphia Phillies 4 (WS Game 4)

World Series Game 4
Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA

The madness continues, even though the Yankees enter this game leading the series, some of the participants seem to lend one to believe that the teams are pretty closely matched, and the speculation arises that maybe this could be the first World Series in years to go beyond 5 games. A great deal of focus on Sabathia's start on a few days Yoda would say, "Concerned more about his last performance than lack of rest, Yankees fans are."

After a raucous first inning (both ends), both Sabathia and Joe Blanton seemed to settle down a bit, and after the bottom of the 4th, you may have caught yourself thinking that this game could result in a series tie...

NYY 7 9 1
PHI 4 8 1

Nah!! The Yanks came back in the 5th to make the score 4-2, and even though Utley and Feliz both homered in the 7th and 8th respectively, the ball went to Brad Lidge in the 9th. He retired Matsui and Jeter back-to-back, and with Johnny Damon at the plate, stood on the mound one strike away from extra innings...I had a fresh beer poured and at the ready. Then, Damon singles and Lidge falls apart. 3 pitches later, Teixeira reaches after getting hit (during his AB, Damon pulls off the now famous 'fake double steal'), then A-Fraud doubles, sending Damon home. Here comes Posada, with a blast single to left that scores Teixeira and Rodriguez, just before he's out at second on the throw.

My heart went out to Lidge - last year's hero was this year's zero, and he was THAT CLOSE to getting the magic eraser out and change all that - but it was not meant to be. You could see it in his face, as his soul completely left the ballpark. The only chance the Phils had in the bottom of the 9th was to tie the game, and with Matt Stairs at-bat, I finished my beer cause I knew that wasn't going to happen. No extras tonight!

Another unintentional 'intentional walk' in the very first inning. I guess only the Yankees can get away with this!

Joba Chamberlain is a CHUMP.

Interesting pitching pattern in the 4th; Joe Blanton retired the side, 3 up 3 down and every at bat went like this:
1st and 2nd pitch strikes
0-2 pitch was a ball in the dirt
1-2 pitch was a strike that finished the AB

I like patterns, very interesting stuff.

Yankees lead the series 3-1.

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