Friday, October 30, 2009

10/29/09 Philadelphia Phillies 1, New York Yankees 3 (WS Game 2)

World Series Game 2
Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY

The big buzz about this game: Pedro Martinez "the most influential player ever" to enter Yankee Stadium. We appreciate the sentiment, but to beat Rickey at his game, you need to be more enthusiastic in your delivery, man.

That, seeing the 'Don Zimmer gets tossed by Pedro' video more times than I could count, and the "Who's Your Daddy?" banners made this event a but surreal.

PHI 1 6 0
NYY 3 8 0

OK, all surreality aside, Martinez was very, very, very good after his absence from the mound. Burnett was better. The low scoring game kinda testifies to this. Rivera was Rivera, he needs to hit some 'low spots' in his career soon or we're all going to get sick of hearing about him.

Ryan Howard earns the "Golden Sombrero," 4 conecutive strikeouts. Burnett was 22 for 26 in first pitch strikes.

I question the 'intentional walk' for Utley in the 3rd, as it wasn't intentional until the very last pitch. To me, an intentional walk truly needs to start that this case, the decision to pitch out ball 4 was made with the count unintentionally 3-0.

Series tied 1-1.

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