Thursday, October 29, 2009

10/28/09 Philadelphia Phillies 6, New York Yankees 1 (WS Game 1)

World Series Game 1
Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY

I don't like postseason; I don't like the World Series much either. As a Cub fan, I am officially SULKING but the reason is more than that. This is the time of year when 'other folks' take over baseball. Much worse this year because of how much I've enjoyed the analysts at MLB Network - now TBS and FOX (even par with the bozos at ESPN) suddenly assume the 'baseball chair' in the sports media.

Sure, both networks host their share of baseball throughout the regular season, but at best they are good for turning out mediocre game-calling and 'faux baseball' analysis. Not only that, but their respective media channels are almost "proud" of their emphasis on this part of the season, and their disregard of 'the rest of the year,' making statements that appear to capitalize on their assessment that "this is the time of year when most people start paying attention to baseball."

I couldn't disagree more, but what's the point? I guess the good news is, some ex-MLB names get to sit with the 'big boys' as color commentators.

Now it's World Series time...I have to pick between the Yankees and my least favorite NL franchise, next to the Dodgers. I pick the Phillies, my NL colors run wild. I was really hoping for a Twins/Rockies showdown, but it wasn't meant to be. Not that I suddenly like the Phils...the Yankees STINK.

Let's move on to Game 1 of 'the BIG dance' then. Cliff Lee was enormous; not having paid much attention to him this year I was duly impressed.

PHI 6 9 1
NYY 1 6 0

To see him polish off the Yankees on their own turf was great; his defensive skills were highly touted even though they were accidental cicrumstances at best. The Yanks had NOTHING, and Utley's back to back homers off of CC "LHP Dirigible" Sabathia were nearly sitcom material.

Phils lead the series 1-0

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