Sunday, April 5, 2015

4/5/2015 St Louis Cardinals 3, Chicago Cubs 0

Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL
MLB Opening Night
Game 1 of 3

 Jeff Passan is pretty sure this isn't flat beer...I'm pretty sure he didn't taste it to find out.

Plenty of media gesticulation was produced and hankered over regarding Wrigley's Opening Night disaster...not the disaster of the Cubs being shut out by Adam Wainwright and the Cardinals in front of a milestone viewing audience on ESPN (and a crowd that would have been extraordinary, save for the significant bleacher outage due to renovations). Media pros hacks such as Passan and my favorite writer in the known universe, Bob Nightengale, were on hand to reveal the horrors of Wrigley's "bathroom breakdown" but not the horrors of the Cubs' breakdown at the hands of the St Louis ball club.

OK, it wasn't so horrible, and it wasn't such a breakdown...really, just a slightly lame beginning to a season that nobody really expects to carry its own water...even if the Cubs have to stand in line to use the bathroom, the Cardinals are pretty good at base ball so all is well. Better to warble on about piss in beer cups than that, for sure.

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