Friday, September 30, 2011



My father said this anytime we wailed and moaned as kids and didn’t have any basis for it.


I do have friends who are Red Sox fans around here. They are pretty much over the “Red Sox Collapse” of 2011, but apparently Boston isn’t, and now reports of Terry Francona’s outage are rampant on the internet.


Good for you, Boston. Can his butt. I can think of a couple of very fine teams who would LOVE to have your record for the last 10 years (regular season as well as postseason appearances alone…not to mention the 2 rings Boston earned during that timeframe, 8 of those years under Francona’s leadership.

Here’s what the simplified big picture looks like:

So, if you really believe that Francona let your team down this year (or even in the past 10 years), then you can sit and spin on this chart.

Needless to say, millions of fans of franchises such as the Cubs and the Royals could really, really learn to love numbers even close to being this good. We would even deeply appreciate 10 years overall winning season percentage.

Don’t even bring up the Red Sox slide in September…in many ways, that looks better on paper than September being the only good month you’re having all year!

One of my biggest fears in being a diehard Cubs fan is really being justified this week…if we DID win the World Series, let’s say TWICE, and a few years later came within one game of the Wild Card and didn’t make it…would we suddenly turn into the wailing-and-gnashing-of-teeth Red Sox fans that flooded the call-in lines at WEEI yesterday??

Yesterday, I would have suggested that fans in Boston should ‘lighten up’…now I am only making one suggestion.

SOMEONE PLEASE HIRE TERRY FRANCONA, and I don’t need to even begin to write where I think he should go, but I have two ideas. You may have your own, there are several teams who could stand for even 5 years of results like this.

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