Sunday, July 31, 2011

7/31/11 Kansas City Royals 5, Cleveland Indians 3

Progressive Field, Cleveland, OH
Game 3 of 3

Ladies and Gentlemen, Royals fans across the stratosphere, I present to you: PULLED PORK

If you don’t know about Billy Butler, “Country Breakfast,” and the whole Royals nicknames thread, first read this post, courtesy of Fake Ned Yost via Rambling Morons for an explanation of the streetball connection, and then read this story by Greg Schaum at Pine Tar Press, via Ross Martin which explains the true origins of #CountryBreakfast and then you don’t have to wonder anymore, and also will have a better chance of getting my Danny Duffy joke above.

Needless to say, Duffy did a great job. I tweeted the “Pulled Pork” thing as I was participating in the nickname conversation on Twitter while listening to the game, and as Duffy was lifted by Yost with 1 on and no outs in the 6th, the name just popped into my head…and, therefore, into my feed.

A lot of firsts here, Jason Kipnis hits his first MLB tater, Fukudome hits safely for the first time as a Cleveland Indian, both Jeff Francoeur and Alex Gordon hit solo homers and Danny Duffy out-duels Fausto Carmona…on a day when Kyle Davies is scratched at the last minute to give Duffy the opportunity.

A very exciting game, both teams battled well (the Indians left a total of 10 on base) and personally, one of the most memorable radio games I’ve enjoyed all season…nice and hot outside, plenty of beer, #CountryBreakfast on the Twitter feed…even without Denny Matthews in the booth.

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